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Name:   Chocolate Bunny Vampires


Also Known As: CBVs


Type: Ethereal taken Corporeal Form


Corporeal Forces: 1  Strength: 1                 Agility: 6                    Body Hits: 4

Ethereal Forces: 1     Intelligence: 2           Precision: 2               Mind Hits: 2

Celestial Forces: 1    Will: 2                        Perception: 2             Soul Hits: 2



Skills:  Move Silently/6, Survival/4, Climbing/6, Scampering Away from Bad Things/6


Songs:   Shields/6 (Corporeal), Form/6 (Ethereal)


Esoteric Abilities: Drink Chocolate (see Below)


Primary Attack:  None

Secondary Attack: None


Appearance: Similar to a small, 5" tall, anorexic pixie or sprite.  Has 3 long fingers on each hand, 4 toes on each foot. They have no mouths or noses; instead, each has a long, narrow proboscis.


Favored Habitat: Urban/Suburban.  Only located near sources of their primary food supply (chocolate).  Nests have been found in Switzerland, Belgium, Africa, and Pennsylvania.


Number Typically Encountered: 1-6 to a family.


General Classification: Ethereals: Neutral; Heaven: Neutral; Hell: Terrified of; Humanity: Friendly/Neutral


Capsule Description: CBVs are small, generally harmless Ethereal-based spirits.  Exceptionally timid in nature, they strive to avoid all contact with other species.  CBVs can only digest chocolate; they need to ingest about 1 oz a week in order to survive.  Their proboscis can drink chocolate in the same manner that a mosquito drinks blood.  The only evidence that a feeding took places is a small 'air bubble' inside the chocolate. CBVs may have been the result of a parent's creative explanation to their child as to why the chocolate candy is sometimes hollow.  CBVs are incapable of speech, but it is possible to befriend them; extreme patience is required, however, due to their timidity.


Reported by: Holloviere, Elohite of Dreams

Corporeally Researched by: Holloviere


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